Planning Hamburg: Ideas, Projects and Plans

Hamburg is growing. Germany's largest port city is gearing up for a population of around two million by the year 2030. What direction should Hamburg’s development take? What highlights will we see in the future? Hamburg's planners are placing a new focus on the city's periphery and the urban spaces along the Magistralen, the main road arteries: post-war modernist housing estates will undergo an upgrade to retain quality and affordable housing and facilitate modern workplaces. The key is to achieve an effective mix of uses and a new urban quality of life. In this video, Hamburg's chief urban planner Franz-Josef Höing and other players present ideas, projects and plans from the fields of architecture and urban planning.




Director: Jan Lewandowski

Producer: Katja Pahl, Jan Lewandowski

DoP: Jan Lewandowski,

Postproduction: Jan Lewandowski