ARCHITECTURE OF HOPE - for the ruins of the present.

In the Golden Age, Jews, Muslims and Christians lived in harmony together in Córdoba. They shared knowledge and supported each other. In believe that everyone contributes a part to society. Three groups of students from Hamburg, Shaar Ha Negev and Rahat wanted to carry this idea forward into the present - in the form of a joint theater project. Unfortunately, the day of departure was the 7th of October. Which is why Only the Hamburg group could travel, while the others faced the onset of war. Out of the deep feeling of speechlessness and powerlessness this visual poem was created to convey the history, spirit and architecture of the city. This film was created as a reflection on humanity.




Directing DP - Jan Lewandowski

Producer- Jan Lewandowski, Hédi Bouden

Postproduction- Jan Lewandowski